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Gretchen B. Jordan

Senior Research Scientist

Ph.D., Economics, University of New Mexico, 1984

Dr. Gretchen Jordan is an independent consultant whose research focuses on a systems view of innovation and program and evaluation design that considers the full range of research, development, and market adoption initiatives and the logical connections among them. Dr. Jordan recently retired as a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories, a position she held for 20 years. Since 1993 she has worked with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop innovative methods for assessing the effectiveness of research programs, responding to requirements to demonstrate societal and economic outcomes of research. During her tenure at Sandia, she led projects with the DOE Office of Science, which included the design of methods to assess and improve the research environment, identification of best practice in the management of science, and strategies for performance measurement and evaluation of projects at universities and national laboratories. She also worked with DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy offices on evaluation and performance measurement at the project, program and portfolio levels and assisted the Sandia Science and Technology Strategic Management Unit in those areas. She has co-authored guides on evaluation of market transformation programs, early market outcomes, in-progress peer review, R&D evaluation methods, and benefit cost studies for technology programs. She is a senior research scientist with the Center for Innovation at the University of Maryland working on study of the research environment. She was co-editor of the journal Research Evaluation from 2008 through 2014. She founded the American Evaluation Association Research Technology and Development Evaluation Topical Interest Group in 1995 and remains involved as chair emeritus.

Dr. Jordan is an internationally recognized expert in logic modeling, with emphasis the past twenty years on government funded interventions to advance research and innovation. Her approach is to bring together practice and practicality with theories about aspects of the innovation ecosystem. She has been invited to speak and be on program committees for international conferences on evaluation and science and innovation policy in the United States, Europe, and China. She has authored articles and handbook chapters on logic modeling and numerous peer reviewed articles and book chapters on assessing research and innovation programs, policies, and organizations. Prior to joining Sandia in 1991, Dr. Jordan was Chairman of the Business Administration Department at the College of Santa Fe and staff member of U.S. Senator Pete V. Domenici and the U.S. Senate Budget Committee.